2003: “Have You Ever Heard of an Artist Named David Deitrick?”

Second Saturday re-run for 23 March…and indirectly a BattleTech post as well.

David R. Deitrick, Designer

Beyond Infinity

I’ve already written about the artistic path that led me to work in cut-paper sculpture; if you missed the story it entails concerns about the effects that aging and medication were having on my fine-motor skills and steadiness of hand. It also turned out to be the most fun of all the media I have worked in, combining the best parts of sculpture with the best aspects of just plain drawing. It found a place in my creative repertoire around the turn of the decade/century/millennium and by 2003 it made up most of my color illustration work.

It also took those three years or so to figure out the best way to prep those multi-layer dimensional pieces into a format suitable for two-dimensional work in publication. It was not a new dilemma for me as I had the same challenges with the dimensional illustration methods I had developed during graduate…

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