Mechwarrior Revisted

Saturday re-run for 23 March – the first of two Battletech stories.

David R. Deitrick, Designer

2015-09-04a  Mechwarriorette Redux2015-09-04b Mechwarriorette ReduxColor

My good friend and agent Scott Taylor (of Art of The Genre) has a MechWarrior project a-brewing and he asked me to do a couple of drawings. He’s been very close-mouthed about the concept, telling me only that it will deal with very early MechWarrior material – as material created in the first three seconds after the name change from Battledroids.

(…and if you recognize that title you are indeed a hardcore MechWarrior/Battletech player)

First up is a rework of the female Mech jockey as featured in color section of the first MechWarrior book. Truth be told I’ve always like the black & white versions for the same reason I prefer unpainted figure sculpts: I want to be able to fully enjoy the structure.

For comparison I am posting a scan of the original below. It’s hard to believe it’s been three decades since I produced it…


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