Cut-paper Sculpture Portfolio

Reed       2Sue

3John   4Ben

RunawaysJuggernautResized    scan0004

stargirl-and-stripe-redux .Midnight Son Draft Cover v4-2 Front 6x9 72dpi

2013-01-02 101STRedux 2015-01-02b CHATTACON Cover Printed

2010-02-01a Aces High.2010-02-01b Aces High 3D

1 thought on “Cut-paper Sculpture Portfolio

  1. You’ll notice that in some cases there are two images of the same sculpt, with one of them a little lighter and oddly colored. Those images are three dimensional anaglyphic images that work like the old “3-D” movies – put on a pair of those red/blue 3-D glasses and the images pop-out and really show depth. That specialized anaglyphic Photography was handled most professionally by my former student Pejmon Hoss.

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