Digital Drive-by

Does the illustration look familiar? It was one of a half-dozen illustrations I did as covers for the Aliens sourcebooks from Marc Miller’s epic science fiction role-playing game published by Game Designers’ Workshop. I also did covers for the Aslan, K’Kree, Solomani, Droyne and Vargyr volumes, all of which seem to be reproduced in this line of T-shirts.

These totally unlicensed T-shirts I might add.

We’ve moved a half-dozen times in the thirty years since I did this work so I don’t have access to who-agreed-to-what but so far no one of the principals involved in the creation of the work have been contacted/consulted/PAID from Marc Miller on down. I wish I could say that this shocks and surprises me…but it doesn’t. After teaching college  – also for thirty years – I have no illusions about business ethics in some of my students entering the work force.

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