Update on Oubliette

Between age and the -Rona I’ve been having real issues with basic mobility much less creativity. At best I’ve been able to revisit a rotating group of projects – concept designs, short stories, paintings, models, and cut-paperwork I’ve started in the pat but have been forced to shelve before completing them. Taking an idea all the way to completion is quite often a wish rather than a reality to I try to organize my work into a series of small victories and chipping away at old ideas is a good way to keep working.

….like this rendering.

Oubliette is a project that I have had in the works for more than twenty-five years. Set approximately three hundred years in the future, it is a first-contact story set against the background of a solar system that is a bit different than the one we have now, starting with the red dwarf star that occupies the space the planet Jupiter does in our times.

The aliens in question are the h’Nifeh, an  aquatic race living at a technological level equivalent but not identical to that of humanity, and instead of being slimy, fanged, skeletal-framed or pumping acidic blood in their veins they’re nice – in every aspect. They’re nice-looking and noble in nature and rather that looking like something left after an explosion in a auto shop their ship and equipment are as well designed and functional as those usually attributed to humans.

Pictured here is DuudLee, the father of the h’Nifeh family featured in the story along with his environmental suit. Scattered amongst older posts are additional concept designs if you’re interested in what I’ve worked up so far

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