Reworked MechWarrior Laser Rifleman

2015-10-1 Eridani Light Horse

Latest in a series of reworked uniform/character sketches from the table-top miniatures game classic MechWarrior – this one an Eridani Light Horse trooper adjusting the stock on a laser rifle. As a purely personal measure I’ve tried to achieve a likeness to how I think my grandson Jayden will appear 20-25 years from now.

It’s been nice to go back and >tweak< the designs a little. The deadlines were so incredibly short and my drawing skills not as polished as they are now so often it was a matter of “churn and burn”…and just get it out the door. As I make these changes I strive not for  a complete stylistic update as much as a more finished look to the original vision. For example, the back-pack power unit hasn’t  been changed much other than the addition of the chest belt linking the two arm straps. Anyone who has ever carried a pack more than ten steps will appreciate what that one little strap will do for the carrier. I had planned on including it in the original version but in the rush to hit that short-fused deadline the chest belt was left out.

Original drawing:


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