An Illustration War Story Part 3

An Illustration War Story Part 3

I got the call early Monday morning. Yeah, there was a little problem with the painting. Remember how the publisher and the senior editors had been out of town during the project? Heather had done everything right with the assignment but when the guys got back the boss overruled her and said ‘Women don’t sell on this kind of book”.

(I looked at my calendar: Hmmm. Still 1992 )

They wanted me to paint a guy over the girl – which was not going to happen. Luckily I work up all my pencils on tracing paper so it wasn’t too hard to start a second painting. I even gave them a great discount when charging them for the revisions but I think they wanted me to do it for free – even though they had dropped the ball. I never got called back and heard via third person that I was considered to be “difficult”

It could have been worse. A friend of mine got a call from another publisher on a Friday night with an assignment for a cover that had to be done Monday morning. My friend jumped through his fourth-point-of-contact and got it done in time, but when he went to turn the painting in he was told “Congratulations, you passed the test. We just wanted to see if you could do something like this if we ever got in a jam.”

…and you wonder why New York City has such strict firearms laws?

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