A New Definition for the Phrase “Going Postal” (Writing to Grandkids)

By this time you’ve all probably tumbled to the fact that I am very much the family man. Whether we’re talking wife, kids, grandkids, siblings or nie-phews, family is important to me and makes the distances that separate us disheartening.

I┬álove having my daughter Meghan and her son Jayden (a.k.a. Monkey Boy or “ouuggg ooblee” as he calls himself) but I really miss my other grandchildren as well, so I try to make sure they are still aware of “Pop-Pop” or “Papa Moondog” and how much he loves them. Sometimes I send little gifts–trading cards or books, but I try to send hand-drawn postcards at least twice a month.

Subject matter is determined by a story conference each year during on of their visits. We all contribute to the list and the contributions can be very interesting and illuminating. Oliver is all little boy and goes for airplanes, giant robots and the like, but my grand-daughter Hazel is a little goth-girl artist in training. She asks for giant eye-balls, huge tubes of toothpaste–you name it.

Below are a couple of sets of cards that I have sent in the past ( I try to document them all).