Maintenance Article: U.S. Army Aviation Digest


Maintenance Article: U.S. Army Aviation Digest

Another one of my early “LT Moonlight” illustrations for which unfortunately I cannot remember the title – though I can recall that it was done during down time between primary flight training and UH-1 transition during flight school. I also had a wretched upper respiratory infection with fevers that spiked at 103…so maybe I can be forgiven my memory loss regarding the title.

I do remember the article though – it was about the dangers of skipping over maintenance records before flying. The helicopter in question had a defect that almost killed the pilot/author. Since I came out of the conceptual school of illustration, I pursued a symbolic approach rather than something strict narrative or literal and as aviators tend to be very exact about things I expected some “guff” about it. However, the tide of approval was overwhelming in favor – as one crusty CW-3 put it “There’s no (bleep) way that you can misunderstand the point of this story. You got the (bleep)ing point across great LT!)

Monday morning quarterback time – there are two things I’d do differently now 1) I would have left out the standing figure in the middle. My idea was to emphasize how the pilot was torn between a sense of urgency and safety but I think the two side-profile busts would have even been more effect just the two of them together. 2) I wish I’d have gotten an actual Uncorrected Fault Record and physically cut-and-paste it into the art rather than draw it.