Dame Diana in Black & White

DameDianaLineArtWhat can I say?

“Diana Rigg” is what I can say!

I was thirteen years old and just becoming aware of my Anglo-Saxon heritage when series 4 of ‘The Avengers” hit the airwaves, which for those of use in Alaska meant two weeks after the rest of the country. We’d received very little in the way of advance promotions ; with the recent premiere of “Batman” I was cringing inwardly as I anticipated this  new British show to be a camp rendition of Marvel’s super-team.

…but from the first few minutes watching Steed and Emma stride across the giant checkerboard I knew this show was going to be good, especially the “talented amateur” Emma Peel.

The drawing  came about as a part of a 22-page self-promotional comic I did a couple of years back but it turned out much too nicely to stay buried in a binder on my shelf.




John Steed

2016-02-02 Steed

My original plan was to get this portrait finished and posted during the week following Patrick Macnee’s death, but you know that saying about roads, hell and good intentions. The important thing is I’ve finally finished it – albeit with Lori’s steadying touch. She is so good with faces that the studio rules specify that no likeness leaves the premises without going through her.

(…and on the other hand no building, vehicle or other perspective-intensive subject  has to go by me!)

I think it turned out looking  pretty good…and when you take into consideration the other >bleep<  I am pestered  with right now it turned out exceptionally well.

Next step: assembling this into the long-awaited  Avengers mixed-media project!

The Lieutenant (NBC 1963-64)

Few people realize that Star Trek was not the first television series that Gene Roddenberry created and produced. The Lieutenant aired during the 1963-64 season and was every bit as thoughtful and well-written as the original adventures of Captain Kirk and company. It was also just as piercing on a sociological level; one hard-hitting episode dealing with race relations was rejected by the network, but Roddenberry ran it anyway and caught h*ll for the decision later on. That incident was the real reason Trek was such a hard sell; it was just as much Roddenberry-as-loose-cannon as the subject matter that made the NBC  suits  drag their feet.

It’s one of my favorites – it’s a show about the unique challenges of a peace-time military which I could definitely identify with. It was also one of the few common interests my dad and I had. Even when I was only ten years old we existed on the same planet but lived in different worlds – but we watched every episode together during that first run. A lot of my troop-leading philosophy came from listening to my dad’s comments while we watched The Lieutenant – he had only been out of the navy four or five years after retiring as a chief petty officer in the navy so the experience was still fresh.

I bought the entire series on DVD but many of the episodes are on YouTube or other network sites.