Thank You Kent Gardner

No – you’re not seeing things – the masthead illustration HAS gotten sharper and brighter, thanks to the efforts of my good friend Kent Gardner. Kent is a crackerjack designer from Vermont and he kindly took the time to clean up Emma and John for me. Gardner is also that rarest of commodities in the creative world: a designer who actually knows what he is talking about.

Design by Quigley….

2015-03-03 NSCC Art Club Poster 2

Computer-aided graphic design calls to mind the Tom Selleck movie “Quigley Down Under” . When asked several times why he didn’t pack a pistol in addition to his .45/70 Sharps rifle Quigley would just say “I don’t like them”.  At the end of the movie – after he out-draws the villain – he’s asked “But I thought you couldn’t use one?” to which Quigley replies ” I never said I couldn’t use them – I just said I didn’t like to use them.”

That’s how I feel about computers and graphic design. While I’d never want to go back to the days of manually creating a text-wrap I do prefer mixing  technical pens and  X-acto knives with a key-board…