Twelve Things I Never Want To Hear In My Classroom

As best as I can tell I went for a second round with the ‘rona last spring and I am still as weak as a kitten. I am slowly getting back up to speed but I am doing a lot more “beginning” than “finishing” so new work has been pretty sparse. I appreciate all of you that have continued to read and support this blog and I want you to know that new work is on the way.

Until then I will share some of my older/lesser known work.

David R. Deitrick, Designer

 I’ve been teaching  for the last twenty five years, covering every college level art class except ceramics and photography. One thing that continues to amaze me is the excuses students come up with; as much as art students would like to think they are bohemian and individualistic, the same rationalizations for (basically) ego and sloth pop up year after to year. Now when I teach studio classes I publish the following list  – along with my standard response) so we won’t have to waste any time.


Twelve Things I Never Want To Hear In My Classroom

  1. “I can’t afford good art supplies”. Good art supplies won’t make a bad artist good – but bad art supplies will screw up a good artist every time.
  2. “I’m not done with the assignment” You have to meet your deadline. Period. Art directors value that quality more than anything else you can offer…

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