Marking Time

It’s been a while since I’ve taken a look at this page, and I was surprised to see that the last time I posted anything was the 28th of last month – and while I long ago came to grips with the way time sprints even faster with each year, I was saddened that I haven’t been able to keep up with the race. I always figured that whether I was sitting at my desk in the studio or balancing a keyboard on my lap while curled up in my papa chair I would always be able to write.

Well, it looks like I may have been a little overoptimistic, but then I’ve had my share of distractions, with most of them involving health issues to include:

  • An upcoming Mohs treatment to deal with a trace of basal cell carcinoma on the tip of my nose.
  • An upcoming  second injection of Covid-19
  • A change in pain management for my never-ending battle with ankylosing spondylitis is not going well.

…all of which means  a marked uptick in pain, anxiety, and depression. I’m hoping that I will make my way through this particular rough patch, but I always wonder if this is the point at which I become bed-ridden or worse. I try to fight the fear but sometimes it gets ahead of me and all I can do is drift through the day and continue trying…which includes typing out something out like this.

In the same way marching a unit soldiers requires “marking time” – keeping step in the same place – to keep the parade running properly writing notes like this will hopefully keep me functioning until better days.

Thanks for your support


4 thoughts on “Marking Time

  1. I do hope you will keep writing & that it may provide a regular ‘cadence’ for you to pass the time.
    There must still be so many stories to tell.
    March on, good sir.

  2. Your writing is always interesting. After all, how much happens to the average person in the average week? Monday – base-jumping from the Eiffel Tower, Tuesday – audience with the Pope, Wednesday – resting in Treetops Hotel, and so on. This week I am boxing in some untidy wiring and preparing the house for a boiler replacement; just the very essence of scintillation! I am sorry for your pain, David; the BCC thing is a come and gone. I have a four square inch graft in my scalp for mine, but that was only because the ‘doctor’ wrote it off as an ‘open wound’ and sent me home with inappropriate medicine. Little nodules occasionally reappear, but nothing more. The other things, though…I can’t imagine what AS must be like, I can say the COVID jabs are a breeze…Be well my friend, and – what is it they say – be of good cheer? Two arms and two legs each: that’s the summit of our entitlement!

  3. The last Mohs treatment left me with a gaping hole approximately 20mm in diameter to the side of my nostril that took two rounds of plastic surgery to correct – and I use that term loosely. It may be vanity but I kinda like my nose the way it is.

    I jumped as a soldier but BASE jumping never held any appeal for me. Afraid of catching a nostril on a cornice.

  4. Every time I think about Mohs treatments I start to scratch – new imagined little buggers sneaking in on me! I’m sorry about your nose, though. They certainly know how to pick their situations. All the best!

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