Welcome CHATTACON XLVI Attendees!

As has been the case with most aspects of life the BeerBug1 has brought about a major change in the way we will participate in this year’s  annual Chattanooga Area Science Fiction Convention2. What that means for me as art show participant  is that instead of strolling down aisles of peg-board display panels “attendees” will click on a link at the main convention page that will take you to…well…here3

While my blog’s content favors word-crunching you can still access special portfolio sections via links on the heading bar. You can also reach a more general portfolio at www.Freelanced.com by clicking on the image of the lilac-tressed lass gracing the CHATTACON XL cover to your right. There’s yet another link at the bottom of the page that allow you to follow my blog and have each new post send directly to your email address4.

…but in addition to checking out the art please avail yourself of my written work as well, especially my recent addition The Gospel According to St. Ticonderoga. It’s my first fiction piece and you’ll find it very “visual” despite being a creation in text. You can also see my work at the Fans of The Art of David R. Deitrick on Facebook as well as my Instagram feed but be advised that there’s duplication in those two venues.

For my regular followers unfamiliar with science fictions conventions I’d encourage you to backtrack to the CHATTACON XLVI site and check it out. In the United States alone there’s at least one convention held every weekend of the year and CHATTACON is one of the best by gracefully walking the tightrope between being relevant to the field and remaining family-friendly.



  1. CoronaVirus
  3. My blog
  4. …which is a good thing!

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