“…you made me laugh!”

“You made me laugh!”

In the latter half of my sixties I find that I reminisce much more than I plan ahead, and during one of those “glances back” with my Beautiful Saxon Princess I found the real reason she allowed me to chase her until she caught me. She started the game by asking me which her attributes first caught my attention and I promptly rolled out my stock response: “The gentle cascade of light brown hair caught my eye first, but the water-color blue eyes with the slightly sad tilt and a hint of a Southern accent sealed the deal…”

…but when the tables were turned her reply was quite different. It wasn’t a choice of:

  • Broad shoulders
  • Chiseled features
  • Artistic talent

No, it was the way I could act the buffoon and get a giggle out of her. I felt a bit delated for all of fifteen seconds then called it a win, and it turns out that was the best strategy as:

  • My shoulders are not so broad and joint inflammation has me slouching a lot.
  • Age, the elements and a short visit with Mr. Basal Cell Carcinoma have modified my features into something no so chiseled as pushed into shape like so much Play-Doh.
  • Stiffness and tremor has made expressing what talent I have left problematic at best.

The conversation slowly morphed into reminiscing about the Seventies and inevitably such discussions quickly devolve to subject of (then) comedian Steve Martin which in turn  led to a discussion of the legendary comedy routine starring Martin and SNL regular Dan Ackroyd as Czechoslovakian brothers Georg and Yortuk Festrunk and their clueless search for “foxes”. I drew a slight chuckle when I went into the dialog (“ We are two wild and crazy guys!”) but when I launched into the walk it became obvious that I was laughing much louder than my Beautiful Saxon Princess who’d failed to realize that the joke was actually on her.

I wasn’t putting on an act. While it was true that in 1978 that Festrunk shake-and-wobble gait Festrunk gait took a little practice to get right, in 2020 that’s the way I walk all the time!

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