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There’s been a bit of a  slowdown – even a contraction – in my “production”  and I wanted to let you all know what is going on. Most of the slowdown has been brought on by the physical issues I’ve often written about –  I’ve experienced a marked decrease in mobility over the last six months brought on by both increased joint inflammation  brought on by ankylosing spondylitis  as well as damage to my right knee incurred by a fall last summer. I spent most of last fall flat on my back and getting through the Kickstarter campaign for my book Midnight Son was nothing of a miracle.

I’ve also been battling The System – I was scheduled to resume the use of Enbrel, an excellent medication that does a great job of fighting the ravages of autoimmune diseases but for some reason an approval & delivery process that should have taken no more that a week has stretched out to over a month

…and now that I’m shifting to another publication mode it’s become necessary to remove from this blog some of the posts I used in Midnight Son, though I’ve left some of the more popular writings such as 1966: Billy and the Bear. I’ll be adding more writing in the future but until I can get my medication straightened out production will continue to be slower than usual.

Thank you all for hanging on during this unsettled time…


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