1973: Thanksgiving

Rerun Saturday is being swapped out for a Throw-back Thursday this week. It’s hard to admit to not being as rugged as I was “back in the day” which in my case means not being able to multi-task to any great extent. I’m being overwhelmed by the Kickstarter campaign, on-going creative projects and the limitations brought on by A/S compounded by knee problems…yet I still get up each morning convinced that if I push myself just a little harder I can still get it all done.

I wish.

While I cam catching my breath I will share a Thanksgiving post from a couple of years back.

David R. Deitrick, Designer

Thanksgiving is like the hot cheerleader’s younger sister –the one that everybody chats up just to get a chance to meet her much lovelier sibling. Stores start putting up Christmas displays right after Halloween and when people discuss a day of that long weekend in November they’re more apt to be talking about the day after Thanksgiving – scoring bargains on Black Friday. That wasn’t always the case and in 1973 my Thanksgiving was infinitely better than my Christmas despite the lack of deep discounts on home electronics.

I was winding up my third and last semester at Ricks College and I was on a roll. I was working hard and doing very well in my classes, I had lost thirty pounds and was in great shape…and in a month, I would be reunited with my Best Friend. The Thanksgiving holiday was almost more a hinderance than a respite and…

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