On Falling

This time around I am stretching the definition of Saturday Re-run to include the three-day weekend – especially since recent tumbles have contributed to my recent slow-down in production.

David R. Deitrick, Designer

(Facebook has been a blessing and a curse – it has helped me keep in touch with friends and family all across the globe but it has also turned into a time-sponge. Frequent changes in format and software can be frustrating too and I find it  difficult to find older material…so I will be reprinting some of that “stuff here, to include:)

One of the surest signs of middle age is the fear that something as inconsequential as a fall can have for you.

In between classes one day I made a quick trip to a nearby comic store called The Great Escape, I must have been there 20 or 30 times so it was quite a surprise when I tripped on the way as I was walking from my car to the store. In retrospect I think I know what happened: there is one spot on the raised sidewalk, just in…

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