1972:Vintage Bat-Vehicles


I read once that time is something God created to keep everything from happening at once but right now that invention doesn’t seem to be working. Everything IS happening at once, at least several items of great impact on my life. Right as we’re trying to get the Midnight Son Kickstarter campaign set up my knee has gone out – and not in a minor manner. Lori thinks I have a torn meniscus but all I know is that even the most minor movement to my knee brings on excruciating pain.

…which means I haven’t been able to finish the tongue-in-cheek write-up meant to accompany this “vintage” drawing that  incidentally documents two important discoveries/purchases  I made in 1972:

  1. A hard-bound reprint collection of Batman stories from debut in 1939 to 1971
  2. A set of Higgins ink comprised of ten colors and opaque white

I’d just finished my first year of college and while I was intent on changing my major to art I had yet to take a college art class – or any other kind of art class for that matter. I was just having the time of my life drawing  my favorite images, which in this case included 1940’s era Bat Vehicles

3 thoughts on “1972:Vintage Bat-Vehicles

  1. Sorry to hear about your knee, David – I hope things are improving by now. The thing about the batmobile is its attainability; it really looks as if, given a fiberglass kit and some plaster for molding, my wife could have something impressive and unique to take on her Monday shopping trip. Our car should be quaking in the driveway: it is in danger!

  2. Don’t think I haven’t thought of it! Years ago there was a kit that made it possible to modify the front bonnet on a VW bug which made the car look like a scaled-down 1930s/40s sedan. All that was needed at that point would have been the fin on top.

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