How Much Skin is “In”?

It’s only been five years since I first wrote this post but given recent changes in our social fabric I wonder if I would have come up with the same words if I was composing it for the first time today…

David R. Deitrick, Designer

2014-11-02 Sun Worship

Women are beautiful.

No surprise there I guess. It makes me think of a comedy routine I heard back during the late ‘80s when every show on cable featured a brick wall. (You know the brick wall that aspiring stand-up comedians would do their bit in front of?) I can’t remember the guy’s name but his routine went something like this:

“Women are beautiful – but they are crazy. They’re crazy because women love men, and men are ugly!”

I was cursed/blessed with the inability to draw women very well until I slid over the crest of the ridge in middle age. It obviously was a curse because it made my job as an illustrator that much more difficult, but it was also a blessing. Who knows what would have filled my sketchbook at age 18 had I been able to draw women like I can draw them now? I know my buddy…

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2 thoughts on “How Much Skin is “In”?

  1. Really interesting question, I guess it’s difficult to articulate what makes a certain kind of gaze sexual and what is simply appreciation of form. Art requires objectification, but that isn’t synonymous with sexualisation of the subject. I’ve found it interesting that a lot of the men I know have experienced a mental shift since their female friends have been breastfeeding their babies around them. Breasts have rapidly taken on a more functional meaning.

    There are so many factors involved in the nude/naked debate, I find it strange that pale skin generally appears and is viewed to be so much more naked than tanned skin (probably because it implies having been covered up and is therefore more private).

  2. I like your observation about objectification/sexualisation and will most likely shamelessly it steal it someday. I was the only boy in a family with four sisters and a registered nurse for a mom so some (but not all) of the allure was missing for me. In turn I tried to ‘demystify” the female form for my sons and exposed them to tasteful nudity from a very early age… but there was more than one meltdown when their little buddies toured my studio.

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