Fantasy Games Unlimited Sketch

historical combat sequence

One of the first publishers I encountered when stumbling into gaming in 1977 was Fantasy Games Unlimited. As an ardent H.Beam Piper // Lord Kalvan of Otherwhen fan I was delighted to score a copy of ‘Down Styphon!” in a Seattle bookstore and proceeded to read the covers off the book as we alternately drove up then down the Alaskan Highway that summer…so when I started freelancing full-time FGU was one of the first clients I pursued, even when publisher Scott Bizar apologized about the low rates he had to pay.

I ended up doing two jobs for him in 1986, the titles of which I have completely forgotten. The first was a book full of man-to-man combat rules that could be adjusted for various time periods and tech levels and this drawing was a preliminary sketch for a group of secondary characters that would end up about 1/3 the way up from the bottom of the cover. Unfortunately the original is long-gone as is the right half of this pencil drawing, which included a mail-clad Norman knight swinging in the same arc as the others.

I’ve loved the idea of sequential photos/images showing closely spaces stages of action. I first encountered the concept in the opening credits for the fourth series of The Avengers, also known as the first season featuring Dame Diana Rigg as Mrs. Emma Peel and the last season to be shot in black & white.

( A clip of those credits is at–6WPKFtk )


2 thoughts on “Fantasy Games Unlimited Sketch

  1. Excellent composition and its been awhile since I have seen this kind of thing, the almost mathematical attention to shape and form. I remember in my art history classes studying Da Vinci’s use of lines and very direct positioning of hands and fingers to direct you in the painting and heighten the symbolism. I think Madonna of the Rocks has this kind of thing. Excellent David.

  2. I am fascinated by the crossover between math and both music and art. Discovering Fibonacci numbers in an undergraduate math class was a life-changing event.

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