Keeping an Eye on Things

One of the scariest aspects of ankylosing spondylitis is the effect it can have on vision. It’s all tied in with way A/S can mess with your immune system but to be frank the technical details don’t interest me as much as the physical symptoms. No one likes to have their vision impaired but for a visual artist blindness = death. As best as I can tell Iritis is the worst case scenario and so far I’ve dodged that bullet, but general photophobia is also common, and anyone who has known me for long is familiar with my ever-present squint, as documented by every photo taken of me from infancy on.

Sunglasses have been a godsend to me and at 66 I am close to blind in the noon-day sun without them. Sadly enough vision problems impact on my production as well – while LCD screens don’t take the same toll on my eyes that cathode ray tube displays did,  I still have difficulty staring into a screen or working under a desk lamp for any length of time and sometimes that difficulty translates into a gap in posts for this blog.

…and yes, the title is a terrible, terrible pun.

2 thoughts on “Keeping an Eye on Things

  1. I’m sorry your eyes are giving trouble. I suppose by dint of our occupations we naturally incline towards the one impediment that can make our work difficult. Which, in my case is age-related macular degeneration. I am not yet at the stage of the dreaded black hole, but I’ve some intriguing whirlpools!

  2. I must confess that our initial move to Alaska in 1962 was not a happy time for me, But in retrospect it was the best option for me. The sunlight was not nearly as intense as it was in California which brought relief for both vision and skin issues… and for Macular degeneration is one of those bogeyman aspects of aging that I deal in the Egyptian manner: I live in “de-Nile”.

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