1970 – The Borough Building

Saturday Re-run – and it looks like I just missed reprinting it exactly five years later. I appreciate your patience; I have had constant computer problems for the last six months (involving three different machines) that have made writing extremely difficult. I will guardedly say that help is on the way but for now here’s an almost-fifty-year-old flashback that should produce a smile or two.

David R. Deitrick, Designer

The deep cuts progress made into the fabric of our community was one way my youth in Alaska was much more than a real-life (but colder) version of “That ‘70s Show” or ‘The Wonder Years”. For example, the mall in Clarksville sits over what was once a farm, but you can still identify the general lay of the land and orientation of the roads and buildings. That isn’t the case when I go home to the central Kenai Peninsula – there are “improved” places that have changed so much that I get totally disoriented. For example, the middle of Soldotna used to be the location of a rather large gravel pit. Now that gravel pit is gone, replaced by an extensive state maintenance facility, a school and the borough government and I have difficulty finding my way on the streets around it.

The gravel pit was the greatest kid hang-out…

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