1979: Green Hat For A Green Horn

This week’s Saturday re-run.

David R. Deitrick, Designer

Living in Clarksville (TN) conjures up more memories than you’d expect for a town that I had never been prior to moving here in late 2007. I have no doubt the memories are conjured up by the frequent rotor noises;  we’re right next to FT Campbell, home of the 101st Infantry Division (Air Assault) and the sound of helicopters in flight  fills the air every day. The 2007 move here was our “third try”; we were on orders for FT Campbell when I resigned my commission in 1983 and I had also on orders for FT Campbell before I was medically grounded for vision problems at FT Rucker in the spring of 1980.

I was a “green hat” there at “Mother Rucker”, a student in Officer Rotary Wing Aviator Class 44-79.  That term might be a little confusing; I’ve learned since moving here that flight students no longer wear…

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