1964: The Big One (Part 1)

Normally I’d have waited until 2020 to re-run a post like this so soon but I couldn’t let this particular date pass by without some sort of acknowledgment. Older Boomers will ask each other “Where were you when Kennedy was shot” but for Alaskans of that vintage the questions is “Where were you during the Quake?

They will also talk about this television program:

David R. Deitrick, Designer


As I start out let me note that there many more definitive and accurate treatments of the Good Friday earthquake in print. I’m just relating the story from the viewpoint of an almost-eleven year old boy…who was secretly pleased that the initials of this ruined café matched his own.)

One of the bonding elements of the Baby Boomer generation was the assassination of John F. Kennedy; ask that rhetorical question “Where were you when Kennedy was shot” at any gathering  of members of that demographic the room usually goes silent as everyone remembers back…or tries to remember given the stage of senility we may be in. I was in the tail end of the b00m and I most definitely remember Mrs. Green bursting into my fifth grade class with “Oh my God the president has been shot!”…but there was an event that is even more firmly fixed in my mind and…

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