1966: Concerning Primate Posteriors

Re-run Saturday – we finally have cooler weather in Middle Tennessee and it’s brought back memories of winters past.

David R. Deitrick, Designer

My dad did not have it easy growing up. On top of the general Depression/World War 2 experience most men his age went through, his home life was pretty chaotic. He lived on a ranch in south-east Idaho with at least a dozen siblings and at least three step-fathers, not all of whom had his best interests in minds.

David Soren Deitrick wasn’t raised to adulthood; he was dragged up.

Unfortunately we ended up “cross-threaded” quite often. In addition to the effects of his childhood there were other factors involved, the kind of things pop psychologists make their living telling us all to obsess about. I’ve gone back and forth about it all and the bottom line is this: my dad was a good man, I wish I’d known him better and my life would have been richer had we spent more time together…

…but don’t doubt for a second…

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