What I Look Like Now…updated


Taken earlier in the year. It’s amazing the way a person’s appearance can change with age – I remember watching a J. Edgar Hoover biopic miniseries years ago and taking issue with the way they used two different actors to portray him at different stages of life. Now I see current photos of friends from long ago and some of them don’t even look like the same person.

It’s hard to look at my own image and be subjective enough to make a determination. There have been some definite changes:

  • I’m a bit better-padded a lot more padded now.
  • My hairline has receded a bit
  • I finally got my front teeth fixed
  • I have that  big-a** scar to the left of my nose, a legacy of basal cell carcinoma

Things that are the same

  • My squint
  • My smile
  • I started going grey in my twenties so hair color can be a constant
  • …and while we’re talking about hair – it  could still scare a comb to death

1 thought on “What I Look Like Now…updated

  1. Oh man, I hear you. The 35 year old that lives in my head refuses to accept the 57 year old that gazes back at me from the mirror each morning.

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