Sea Turtle


It took me a moment to do the math.

The other day a student asked me it there had been one single person, place, thing or critter that I had drawn more than any other and it took me a little time to figure it out. Thirty years ago I would have had a very quick answer – soldiers, starships or giant fighting robots – but now things are a little different. I actually do more drawing for demonstrations in class than at my drawing board for money.

…and more often than not I’ll draw a sea turtle, putting it  to double duty as I first draw the image then ink it with brush or pen. I think I did my first sea-turtle demonstration for my very first illustration class during the Spring 1989 semester at Kenai Peninsula College and it’s become a tradition for me over the years since then.

This particular sea turtle will be part of my collection at jimmo.shirts this Christmas.

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