Sugar Shack

I grew up in an age of incredible music. Progressive rock was in its prime just as I was leaving high school and starting college – the Moody Blues, Emerson, Lake & Palmer, Yes and others created a soundtrack to my life that  was both thought-provoking and beautiful.

…but there was a time when I liked less complicated music. “Sugar Shack” was popular during late 1963 and I enjoyed a small measure of notoriety in Mrs. Green’s fifth grade class for doing a great cover of the tune, to the point that friends would call out requests several times a day.  Unfortunately Mrs. Green was within earshot when I responded with a”drop dead” to one of those requests called out while I was frantically finishing up a book report. As I spent the next recess with my head down on my desk I realized that witty repartee worked a lot better in the comics than it did in real life.

I still love this song. You can’t listen to it and stay depressed.

Sorry for the gap in writing. I’ve been battling a strep infection that transformed into a wicked respiratory infection and have been doing very little if any creative work lately. Thanks for keeping up with me.

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