Time for a Change

Watermark91When I woke up this morning I was filled with a deep resolve to do something remarkable – like inventing a perpetual motion device, formulating a cure for cancer or establishing contact with an extraterritorial race.

…but I also woke up in a terrible arthritic flare and had trouble walking much of the day so settled for just changing the image on my masthead.

It’s an older piece, painted in 1991 using acrylics on  on a 15″ X 36″ Masonite panel. I gave it the name “Watermark” because I was in a serious Enya phase at the time and played the album nonstop while I was painting. I had exactly two opportunities in 1991 to display it – first as a work in progress at BOSKONE and then as a finished piece at LIBERTYCON. A few days after LIBERTYCON  Ken Ray & Martha Knowles made a direct purchase and promptly added it to their magnificent fine art collection.

I went through a phase with this “long skinny” look in the late ’80s / early ’90s .  I have a half-dozen more in this format (in a wide range of archival condition) that I plan to cycle through this page in the future.

…right after I get that perpetual motion machine going.

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