Douglas SkyShark!

2017-07-02 Douglas SkySharkIt’s pretty obvious that aviation and aircraft rate fairly high on my list of interests (obsessions?). I  like classic aircraft best – mostly 1930’s and early World War 2 “stuff”- but I like some of the odder concepts that came out right after World War 2 when the superpowers were in a  race to see who could be first to put pilfered German technology to practical use.

Of course American designers came up with some interesting concepts on their own. The Skyshark was an attempt by Douglas Aircraft to combine turbine technology with contra-rotating propellers to get a really, really fast naval attack plane  – but unfortunately technology available in the late 1940s was not equal to the task. Once more a beautiful concept was shot down by ugly fact when the gearboxes between the engines and propellers routinely disintegrated into bits of metal during acceleration so the United States Navy wisely went with the A1 Skyraider as the attack plane of choice.

Of course that doesn’t deter me from making whimsical drawings of the plane (in imaginary insignia/markings ) in my sketchbook …


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