Casting a Live-action Fireball XL5 Movie!

. After getting tooth shrapnel removed from my jaw one shard at a time I avoid driving as much as possible, using sharp implements or buying anything with a price tag over $20. I’m not the kind of person to just idle way the extra time freed up during recovery so I look for meaningful activities to keep me busy.

….like casting a live-action Fireball XL5 motion picture.

Hey – it could work. It would be great simply because that terrible reboot of Thunderbirds we had to endure a dozen years ago set the bar fairly low, but to be honest I doubt the following people would work for just scale.

My suggestions:

william-h-macy          steve_zodiac

William H. Macy / Steve Zodiac

pamela-anderson           Venus

Pamela Anderson /  Venus

john-lithgow     professor-matthew-matic

John Lithgow / Matthew Matic

kurtwoodsmithxl5    commander-zero-fireball-xl5-2_47

Kurtwood Smith / Commander Zero

robschniederxl51    lt-ninety

Rob Schnieder / Lieutenant Ninety

What does this all mean? It means I’ve had too much spare time on my hands – but it is still a fun idea. Who would you cast – and what about the other roles like Zoony, Robert the Robot, Mrs. Ninety, Jock the mechanic and the Chief Subterrain from Planet 46.


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