LibertyCon X Program Book Cover


Lori and I were invited to be AGOH’s ( Artist’s Guests of Honor) at LibertyCon X (ten) – which was not quite twenty years ago. Normally the AGOH produces a painting to be used as both the cover to the program book and a convention T-shirt design. I was in the middle of my dimensional illustration phase so Uncle Timmy 7 crew got a sculpt instead of a painting.

The A&E DVD sets were still a couple of years in the future so it was a low point for ‘Fanderson” and other fan groups so I don’t think many people understood what I was trying to do – but this piece screams “Gerry Anderson”.

This image is not the best version of the art. I have extensive archives of all my work since 1970 but until 2009 they were slide versions. It wasn’t a problem as we had a place in town that could make copies…but they sold their machine last year. I have a converter on the way and will keep you posted on how it works out.

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