Fireball XL5 : Medical Officer

2016-08-02 XL5 Medical Officer Venus


Basically a rework/extension of a sketchbook drawing from 2013, this drawing depicts an updated version of “our beautiful doctor of space medicine” as COL Zodiac described Venus in Planet 46, the first episode/pilot of Fireball XL5. I wanted to carry that blonde bombshell esthetic forward but at the same time I like the idea that she might have a couple of aces up her telekinetic sleeve, something akin to Susan Storm Richards, who has turned out to be possibly the most powerful member of the Fantastic Four.

Sylvia Anderson gave Venus a French accent when she did the voice-over work but  in the Files Magazine Spotlight on The Fireball XL5 Files our good doctor is described as having been “…born in what used to be call Russia, before the World Confederation was formed. ” The Files book also lists her as being a xenobiologist as well as a doctor.













































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