Real-life Gerry Anderson Vehicles Part 6


I can’t decide if this would fit better in “Thunderbirds” or “Captain Scarlet”. Either road it is a most impressive aircraft. Built up out of two Boeing 747 airliners, the Stratolaunch looks like it could be Starship One’s bigger brother…and it is. Both are designed by Burt Rutan, maverick aircraft guru that gave us a series of great home-built designs before going on to develop planes that could fly around the world without stopping or huck a smaller ship up into space.

(I always got the impression that Rutan and Gene Rodenberry were twins separated at birth. Maybe it was the fact that they both spent the 1970s sporting mutton-chop sideburns while battling entrenched interests in their respective fields. )

With both men it was their earlier work that appealed to me. I will continue to pick episodes of the original Star Trek series over the movies and later TV works – and my preferences for Rutan aircraft always comes back to the Vari-viggen – one of his earlier kit design.


It gives me the same technodork-vibe that I get from the Hawker Hurricane….

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