Gun Kingdoms 3: Doc Rose

2016-04-03 Doc Rose

Authors talk often about characters writing themselves – and sometimes it happens for artists as well. It happens most often to people working in abstract when a happy accident inspires  different directions with color and composition but sometimes we crass, commercial illustrators are bitten by the bug as well.

As I started to sketch out the basic drawing for the Sand Tyger’s ship’s surgeon I experimented with several stances and as I was shuffling around the various sheets of tracing paper a few of them were superimposed for a couple of seconds, giving the illusion of multiple limbs.  It was electrifying and illuminating at the same time.

  • Doc has yet to be pictured or described in the two Gun Kingdom’s books.
  • A multi-limbed doctor would be extremely effective.
  • Who knows what path evolution would take in a mage-punk/steam-punk/fantasy setting?

My only question is how Scott is going to be able to write this….and yes, you have seen the little insignia on his suit coat pocket if you’ve followed my work. It’s been a long time since you have seen it though.


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