Gun Kingdoms 3: Gunner’s Mate Tourmier

2016-03-05 Gunnery Officer Tourmier

…at least I think it should be spelled that way. Scott’s original spelling was “Tormay” but as the gentleman in question claims Gallic ancestry there should be at least an attempt to “French-ify” the spelling.

It’s probably the most honest self-portrait I have ever attempted. As with any character I design there is a back story for  both clothing and equipment. That’s why his cane looks a little more involved that most sticks people on. It’s actually a split image range finder; by looking through the handle and adjusting the knobs he can estimate range-to-target and get the Sand Tyger’s guns rapidly laid on target. His side-arm is actually a flare gun, used for marking and signaling….though I do believe he also carries a few “OO” (double-ought buck-shot) rounds  for repelling boarders.

He has my facial scar and beard…and my “fire hydrant” physique. Illustrating advanced rheumatoid arthritis and ankylosing spondylitis  in a literal manner is beyond my skills, but I figured the leg brace and missing finger would get the point across. It is evident that Tourmier ( or “Tourmay) has been around – and been knocked around – but he’s still in there kicking.

…like someone else I know.



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