It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s NuperDan!”


My daughter Meghan and grandson Jayden live with us – and while there are some who mutter about “boomerang kids” I am delighted with the situation! I’d have all my kids and grandkids living with us if it were possible but zoning laws being what they are that living arrangement isn’t going to happen anytime soon.

I often post scans of the cards I make for the Baltimore gang – grandkids living in Maryland. The cards are a “hearts and minds” sort of thing,  letting them know that despite the miles Papa  he still remembers and loves them very much. Unfortunately I’m not always so good about cards for Jayden. Out of all the grandkids he gets to see Papa the most often so I don’t always think to include him….but I just had to draw a card for him yesterday.

For a 2+  toddler Jayden does a pretty good job at verbal communication but at times he still gets pretty garbled. While watching cartoons  he got very excited and started chanting “NuperDan…NUPERDAN!” I totally spaced – then  realized he was saying Superman –  he’d seen a logo from the Warner Animation series flash by as we were looking through the Amazon Instant Video listings.

The pencils, pens and markers weren’t long in appearing.

Neither was this sketch.

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