Gun Kingdoms 3: Skylla as Water Elemental

Come to think of it “water elemental” probably isn’t the correct term, but you’ll have to consult Scott Taylor on that one. All I know is that Skylla can transform into a  underwater-dweller; her skin turns a green color, her feet and hands become webbed, breathing gills form and her ears change shape to better act as  fins

…and she gets so caught up in the moment that she tears off her shirt.

2016-03-03 Transformed Skylla

….which sounds like something Fez would have said on “That ’70s Show”, but is definitely not what is behind  this  slightly clothing optional look.  It’s a  functional change,  a situation more like the Japanese ama-divers of decades ago who wore even less than Skylla is in this picture.  The reason  will become  apparent as the project continues to develop and I start posting color versions of these drawings.

…and yes,  the fact that she is not wearing her arm bands and neck piece have something  to do with what is going on here.


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