The Reason I Get Up in the Morning


I had reached a point  where it seemed like I would be spending the rest of my life alone – then I met Lori ( the full story is related elsewhere on this blog) . In the space of a semester my life changed and it seemed like all of life’s questions were answered except for one: Why is this smoking hot Saxon princess wasting her time with me?


Apparently she found a good reason as we are coming up on our 37th anniversary and to my selfish delight she has stayed “smoking hot” all that time. Incredible as it may seem she didn’t realize that she was as beautiful as she is – smoking hot AND sweet! – and she has remained as sweet as she was on Day One. She has attracted a fair number of admirers ranging from conventions fan-boys hovering just out of drool- range to crusty chief warrant officers who would introduce themselves to me  under the pretense of “getting to know all the new lieutenants” hoping that I in turn would introduce them to her. I came close to bursting a vein while suppressing a laugh when a major I worked for introduced himself to her at an off-duty social event – he was quite a ladies’ man but when he tried to turn on the charm with Lori she very innocently asked him “are you one of the privates who works for my husband?”


The depth of her character has become all that more apparent to me as we’ve aged and my health has declined. There are few women who would be as patient as she is as I struggle just to stand in the morning. I try to figure out what I am doing right to deserve such kindness but it’s not a case of what I am doing right – it’s what she’s doing right.


She is beautiful inside and outside and she still spends the time to “doll herself up” for me even at this stage…both inside and outside.

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