Westland Wyvern Model

SI Exif

SI Exif

A few weeks ago I posted a sketchbook drawing of the Westland Wyvern, an early ’50s torpedo/attack plane used by the Fleet Air Arm in the early 1950s. Today I’m posting a photo of a model of that A/C – a model I just finished. I have just one favor to ask as you look at it though – don’t look too close.

Oh, he model itself it great – a 1/48 scale kit by Trumpeter Models. It’s just not the most precise assembly I’ve ever made. Somehow the kit sprues had ended up in my parts box, and were almost thrown out when we moved last May. I salvaged the sprues and those parts that had been assembled, but there was some damage and the kit instructions were lost in the process.

I got it cobbled together but it has been painted in what I refer to as “stage make-up” a style that is not too terribly precise but looks great at a distance. I really wanted to have the finished model but I didn’t have a whole lot of time…and to be honest at (almost) 63 my skills aren’t what they used to be.

It’s also the first kit other than something gaming related that I have finished in almost 20 years so I am pretty rusty. Thankfully three of the half-dozen unfinished kits I have stashed away are  in 1/24 scale which should make them twice as easy as this one to finish.


1 thought on “Westland Wyvern Model

  1. I love 1:48 scale as it’s a good match for 25mm to 28mm miniatures. I’ve been making a habit of putting together 1:48 scale models for various Call of Cthulhu games I run at conventions and such. So far I’ve got a B-17 Flying Fortress for a couple of scenarios called Leaflet Mission, a B-25 Mitchell that I plan to use for a series of scenarios named Terror over Tokyo (dealing with an additional eight bombers in the Doolittle Raid), and a Bell UH-1C Hog used with a Vietnam War scenario With Extreme Prejudice. I love having the models out on the table during play.

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