Done…for now.


Not the best photo – but it’s raining so I had to shoot this indoors.

I think this is as far as I want to take this model. I really like seeing the construction so I papered just enough of the model to make it not so confusing to look at. I also have to be brutally frank in that if I were to finish it and try to fly it I would have a disaster on my hands. The center-of-gravity is out of limits and the wings and empennage are not aligned properly.

When launched this “eh-pane” (as Jayden calls it) would do a nose-dive while making a tight roll to the right.

I really, really enjoyed this model. The process alone was a lot of fun.

1 thought on “Done…for now.

  1. Looks good! I was gifted a biplane in college and worked on it for a while before I gave it up as too complex for my model-making needs. Nowadays, I usually try to get 1:48 scale models that I can use (more or less) with my 25mm miniatures for gaming. As Call of Cthulhu is my primary game, it’s worked out well. So far in my own collection: B-17 Bomber, B-25 Bomber, Huey Hog, and even Roswell Saucer. Unbuilt are so many – Learjet, coast guard rescue boat, OA9 Goose, U-2/Po-2VS to name a few. Thanks for sharing this.

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