Junior Birdmen 3.75

baby steps

I’ve started general assembly of the Sparrowhawk model, attaching the rudder, elevator, and landing gear. I got as far as covering the empennage area with tissue but I want to think this through further before continuing. I really like the model without the covering; its fascinating to see how all these spindly components can come together to make such a strong whole.

Granted, the model will have to be covered in order to fly and tissue adds strength when it is doped and shrinks….but I don’t think this is going to be very good at flying anyway.  Nothing has gone together as square and plumb as I would like. The landing gear looks good enough at first glance but upon close inspection you’ll find the struts are of different lengths on the two sides.

…and as for the covering: It wasn’t obvious before it was covered, but after I got the tissue on the tail and shrunk it to fit I found that there were some warps that will …well, lets say that when launched this plane will most likely do a tight roll to the right as it immediately augers into the ground.

I am still amazed at the bravery of pilots that would fly these spindly contraptions.

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