Reworked House Steiner RPG Gunner

2015-10-2 House Steiner RPG gunner

Latest in the MechWarrior Redux series;  this time it is the House Steiner Missile Launcher equipped trooper. Unfortunately you’ll have to scramble through your old copy of MechWarrior to get a look at the original version as my scanner is not cooperating today.

Drawing this figure was a cathartic experience for me – it had been a been a bad week with an unusually elevated pain level  and when that happens depression settles in soon afterwards. However, this drawing fell together so fast and so well that I didn’t have a chance to snivel. Getting inspired by your own art is kind of like laughing at your own jokes: it doesn’t happen very often but when it does it’s great!

…and let me go on record:

I like women in high heels. I like poses with high heels and toes pointed. I don’t care how authentic is looks – I like it. Besides, if all the cinematic Catwomen can have high heels – even in the most recent  Dark Knight trilogy  then I can use high heels for my action ladies.  (I’ll just toss in Vibram soles as a nod to the fans of more functional design.)

These newer versions have much more personality than the 1986 gang, to the point that I start wondering what they would sound like talking. I think this young lady would sound like Sylvia Anderson doing the voice of Venus on Fireball XL5!

Original 1986 version:

86 MechWarrior Steiner RPG

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