Re-worked Kaleb Drawing

2015-08-01 Kaleb Portrait

If this gentleman looks familiar it’s because he just appeared in this blog about a month ago, albeit with a different face…and that’s why he’s here again.

The face.

I pulled the drawing out a couple of days ago and realized I just really, really didn’t like the face so I re-drew it. This is one of my standard looks, but that view-from-slightly-below -the-plane version I did before just wasn’t working. Those of you out there who are/were students of mind please take note: as hard as I push you I push myself twice as hard.

1 thought on “Re-worked Kaleb Drawing

  1. The Sam Elliot look definitely works better.

    I personally have no doubts about how hard you push yourself! It’s simply not a valid question: “Is David working hard enough?” It’s like asking if the sky is green.

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