Kenai Comic Update

2015-09-02 KCHS Inking Project P2

For those of you just tuning in, I invited three friends from high school to work on project with me; Jim Allmon, Patrick Malone and Nils Osmar were some of the brightest creative lights at Kenai Central High School when I was a student there. I was not even on the artistic radar at all back then and I attribute my success in part to their influence.

The project was a four-page story fragment that I had penciled as a self-promotional piece to send comic publishers. Rather than just let the pages sit and curl up in the humidity I divided them up and the four of us are now each inking a page.

I finished my page and have posted it above.  have no idea how the story will turn out r- there are bound to be some stylistic variation.  I am hoping that this will become an annual event, that the other three guys will come up with stories of their own that we can in turn ink.

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