Song of the Whale

My son Conrad sent this link to me the other day. It’s beautiful on so many levels for me

  • It’s light jazz/fusion nudging up into New Age
  • It’s from Star Trek 4: The Voyage Home and we all know that  an even-numbered Trek film = great flick.

Mostly it conjures up memories of our family and I crossing back and forth over a BIG chunk of the United States and Canada in the late Eighties. It was before all our byzantine seat-belt laws were enacted so we were able to take the middle seat out of our 76 VW Combi giving us basically a toy room on wheels.

If you are in search of Nirvana, and I mean the state of mind rather than the musical group try this:

  • Driving in a light Alberta drizzle in May, the engine and drive train humming over miles and miles of superb pavement
  • The propane heater doing its best imitation of a fireplace
  • Sean’s of Battle Beasts defending the sink from a flank attack by Conner’s mini-Thundercats
  •  …and the soundtrack to “The Voyage Home” playing softly in the background.

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