Fumbling Forward

I’ve been trying to get some continuity going my life. Other than my class at NSCC and church I have no structure in my life and I feel like I am spinning my wheels.  I’ve spent most of my life as an extremely organized person but as I get older it becomes more and more difficult to stay in focus. Pain, fatigue, stress all conspire to slow me down, but unfortunately that left-brained inner paratrooper won’t acknowledge the change.

I’ve succeeded in two areas:

  • Writing – I publish something here every Tuesday. Occasionally I’ll put something out on other days but I’m not locked into those other times. I have a back-log of essays that are 70-80% ready that I use to keep my schedule.
  • Exercise – Never an easy thing; with the state of my autoimmune issues and the slow rate of recovery from my fracture exercise has become not-quite-impossible…but I put together a set of ten exercises that I have kept up with, going through them three days a week for a couple of weeks now. A mix of stuff I learned in the army and as a P.E. aid for Gordon Prentice for my junior and senior years at KCHS, the routine is a combination of arm, leg and trunk exercises that does not put stress or impact on my ankles and knees.

It’s a given that I am still producing artwork, but sometimes that becomes a problem rather than a positive thing. It’s easy to fall back into commercial mode and berate myself for not keeping up with the deadline…even though there is no deadline.

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