Treasure Them While You Can


In the wake of the death of Leonard Nimoy I can’t help but reflect again on another death, one that happened many years ago.

In addition to Star Trek Wayne McNutt and I shared an interest in science in general, followed by girls, plastic models and Paul Revere & The Raiders ( though not necessarily in that order)  Wayne was murdered in 1977 and whenever something Trek-related comes along I think to myself ” I wonder what Wayne would  have thought?”

Frank Montgomery is the young gentleman standing next to me in this photo. Frank was another Sterling Falcon and good friend who shared many nights with me camping out with the Scout troop and many a day contemplating the mysterious allure of the female gender much as Wayne and I did….of course at age 13 “contemplation” was about all that was happening.

He had some serious setbacks as a teenager but survived to go on and lead a good life. Frank and his lovely bride Ramona paid us a visit about five years ago and it was as if the clock was turned back four or five decades. It was one of the most pleasant afternoons I have ever experienced. You can see in the way his face shines Frank  has constantly tried to do good in his life… and I’m glad that when I wonder how he is doing it’s not in a resurrected setting.

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