Rest in Peace Mr. Nimoy


I had been holding this image back until a specific post which would have dealt with  my third go-around with Trek illustration work (IDW’s Wrath of Khan covers) but it seems  more appropriate to run the image now.

When I was a high school freshman and being punched around on a regular basis it was important to me to have a safe place I could go to in my head – where my friend could immobilize the punch-ers with a simple neck-pinch. Later on when I was trying to cope with medical problems removing me from flight status it was calming to see that same friend coping with his humanity while trying to contact V’yger.

In general it was heart-warming to see the fantastic body of work (both old and new) that he built over the years:

  • matching fists and wits with Illya Kuryakin
  • accomplishing the “impossible” with Jim Phelps
  • cruising the main drag with the Bangles
  • coaxing a great motion picture out of three hunks and an infant.

In the end it still was his role as Spock that had the most impact on me – and not “Spock as scientist” but “Spock as moral compass”. As the airwaves in the late 60’s began to fill up with anti-heroes whose values would depend on the situation, it helped me to see a bit of Vulcan consistency….

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